Sunday, July 5, 2009

Stupid people making a stupid thing!!!!


Dalam kesibukan org belajar IT, dan ada la kononya yg suda tau sikit2 (mcm saya) ni, ada juga org yg sibuk2 membikin web or blog yg ndak ketentuan.. It was happened a few weeks ago. My sister rushed to me and told me that my photos and others sabahan gals photos was being published in to a blog of authorized by unknown.

The blog was been created early of june 2009 (bbrpa hari slps blog saya dibikin). Well, dipendekkan cerita, capat2 la saya buka site tu and there u goooo... It's hard to think about the purpose of that blog. For me, it's like the author was a 'bapak ayam' and trying to sell sabahan aweks to the world. There he put all of our photos with the name on the top of it. Dipilihnya ba pulak pic yg sexy2.. ada juga yg tdk sexy sgt tp dia taruk gak.. What a stupid person is he/she?? Until now, i'm still wondering what is he/she up to.
(gambar hiasan aja...)

Sometime my feeling tells me that the person is active in facebook and he/she is someone i know. In i'm so sorry that i feel it till now. If it was right then, i'll be so sad n never put a trust to anybody anymore.

Anyhow, the blog was gone n being removed by my fren and i feel so glad about it. It's just... what is wrong with that people??? doesn't he/she got anything else to do? Is he/she smart enough to do such thing?? God Bless and forgive that person. Hopefully it wouldn't happen again.

Bye bye for now.

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