Thursday, July 16, 2009

Something's GoOD HappENniNG to me ReCEnTLy


I've Lost my word.. I feel so blessed recently.. You must be wondering why and what had happen to me. Well, a few days ago, i was worried about my future n everything's seems to be so worthless. I can't find a way out from my problems and worried even on a small matter.

But, when all the clouds seems to be clear now, i realized that God is watching over me n fulfilled all i need. I'm not a good religious person but it change my point of a bit by bit. Hopefully u guys had a great day n great things in ur life. GOD is GOOD, all the time..

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I am spirit, I am voice I am memory, not recalled I am chance, I am cause I am effort, blocked and walled I am hymn, I am heard I am reasoned without rhymes I am past, I am nearing I am present in all times I am many, I am no one I am seasoned by each being I am me, I am you I am all-souls now decreeing


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