Sunday, March 21, 2010



I was chatting with my ex-school mate last night n suddenly we came up with the topic which is about choosing a wife @ husband to be. Dia bilang, it is so hard to find a good wife nowadays bcoz katanya konon, perempuan skarang banyak yg suka mengejar kebendaan walaupun nda semualah.. He was right. I can see that there's so many girl prefer to choose someone rich so that they will be pampered with material things. but again, there's still a girl who prefer to be an independent and doesn't chasing richnest n materials from a guy. I knew a few of them n they are my friends. For me, i'm a kampung girl n i came from a poor family. And i know better how pain it is to be living in a tough way. But i do have a principal. As long as i live, i will never depending on my future husband neither my husband (soon) dari aspek financial la... And that is why i still remain single until now (as my age almost turn to 29th). Choosing soulmate isn't that easy nowdays. There's so many things we must consider of. Biasalah..skrg, byk barang naik.. If we want to survive walaupun tidak la sesenang mana, we have to - at least ada source of income.. N it started with our own responsiblity to be as hardworking as we could when we're young.

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